It's Cat!

Gourmet Homemade Cookies

No additives or preservatives.

We will ship anywhere in the USA.

Welcome to Cat's Cookies!

Every time Cat has made her holiday cookies for the the past 5 years, she would get responses like:

"WHOA!!! I've never had cookies like that, they're so flavorful and addicting!"

"Those were AMAZING, my friend/family member wants to know how s/he can order more!"

"Why do you only make these once a year? Great, now I'll have to wait until NEXT Christmas to have more, and they went so fast!"

"I really wish I could share your wonderful cookies with my son, but he's allergic to gluten/eggs/nuts/anything number of other major allergens."

Well, with the introduction of Cat's Cookies, you CAN have these incredibly unique, flavorful, one-of-a-kind cookies year round, and you CAN share them with your gluten-free/dairy-free/vegan loved ones! We believe that EVERYONE should be able to enjoy good cookies made from the best ingredients and with the most attentive care and detail. And a cookie from Cat's Cookies isn't just a cookie, it's a part of her story - a delicious story of exotic flavors, aromas, spices and senses from her travels, her upbringing and her experiences with all the people she's met. While she doesn't have a time machine or a magic carpet, her hope is to transport your tastebuds to wherever you want in the world and whenever you want in your life - whether it's enjoying the earthy warm of matcha in the mountains of Kagoshima, Japan, smelling the fresh burst of Provence lavender in the French countryside, or coming home to a batch of fresh out of the oven cookies and milk after school from your childhood - one sweet, delectable bite at a time.

Enjoy and indulge knowing that each morsel is made with love - because happy cookies make happy people!